Sweden will use cameras and drones to combat organized crime

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The Swedish authorities will rely on high-tech tools such as cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles to combat the wave of organized crime that is passing through the Nordic country, within the framework of which the Government has also promised to deploy the Armed Forces.

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The Executive plans to provide the Police with 2,500 cameras, almost a thousand more than those contemplated in a previous plan. Justice Minister Gunnar Strommer He has explained to the media that these types of instruments are "fundamental" to collect evidence.

"In a context in which fewer and fewer people dare to talk to the Police", the minister has advocated having evidence of a technical nature and even resorting to artificial intelligence for issues such as facial recognition or license plate identification, reports the public broadcaster SVT.

The battery of reforms that the authorities are already preparing also make the requirements for using drones more flexible, Although for now the Government has not set a date for the entry into force of the new measures, promised last week by the Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson.

Sweden has experienced one of the most violent months in its recent history. In September alone, at least eleven people have been shot dead and a woman has died in an explosion, apparently due to clashes between armed groups fighting for control of drug trafficking networks.


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