Svante Pääbo, laureate of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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The researcher Svante Pääbo was distinguished with the 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, as announced on Monday by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, for his discoveries on “extinct hominin genomes and human evolution”.

Last year, it was for researchers David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian, the discoverers of the cell receptors that humans use to sense temperature and touch.

In a statement, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences assures that humanity has always been intrigued by its origins. “Where did we come from and how do we relate to those who came before us? what does it do to us Homo sapiensdifferent from other hominids?

He mentions that, through his pioneering research, Svante Pääbo accomplished something seemingly impossible: sequencing the genome of the Neanderthal, an extinct relative of modern humans. He also did the sensational discovery of a previously unknown hominin, Denisova.

“Importantly, Pääbo also discovered that there had been a transfer of genes from these hominids now extinct at Homo sapiens after migrating out of Africa about 70 thousand years ago.

This ancient gene flow to modern humans has physiological relevance today, for example, affecting the way our immune system reacts to infections,” Explain.

Pääbo's fundamental research led to a completely new scientific discipline; paleogenomics By revealing the genetic differences that distinguish all living humans from extinct hominins, their discoveries provide the basis for exploring what makes us uniquely human.

Nobel laureates are endowed with 10 million Swedish crowns (900 thousand dollars) by category. The prizes will be awarded on the anniversary of Nobel's death on December 10.

(With information from Europe Press Y Aristegui News)

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