'Suso, el paspi' revealed a tempting political proposal that was made to him

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The comedian confessed a tempting political proposal that was made to him - credit Colprensa

After Bogotathe most desired mayor's office in the country is that of the capital of Antioquia.

Medellinwhich until September 30, 2023 was managed by Daniel Quinterowho submitted his resignation three months before the end of his term to join the candidate's campaign Juan Carlos Upeguiwho is second in the polls, but who, according to them, has very little chance of being elected compared to his main competitor, Federico Gutierrezhas as mayor in charge Óscar de Jesús Hurtado Pérezwho was the Secretary of the Government.

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One of the most recognized Paisa comedians in the country was asked to talk about politics and confessed a proposal that had been made to him in previous months.

Is about Dany Hoyos, who as a journalist and writer, spoke with the presenter Eva Rey in your digital space Get naked with Eva.

Holes confessed that they proposed to him to be mayor of the city of Eternal Spring.

“They offered me to be mayor of Medellín,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rey asked him to tell him who had made him the proposal.

"No, I can't tell you who, but they did tell me: 'Hey, we would support you to be mayor of Medellín.' And me: Ummmm…” she added.

Eva Rey was not satisfied and counter-asked: But did you think about it?

To which Dany Hoyos confirmed that “Yes, because I love Medellín very much, because I swear to you that one of my topics is politics and social work and I would work, well, for the people. He wouldn't steal a peso from me, that's clear. And I know very well how the government works in Medellín, so I think I would do it well.

The conversation expanded to national politics and how he thinks the country is going.

“In a phrase, neither as good as the left says, nor as bad as the right says”

Hoyos confessed that he expected a more forceful change from a moral and political point of view, arguing that from a moral point of view he has not seen it.

“Possibly from a political point of view, but from a moral point of view I haven't seen it.”

The controversy of the presidential family, starring Nicolas Petroeldest son of the president of the Republic, Gustavo Petrowas also a topic in the interview.

“The scandal that they would have created for those on the right over the issue of children. From the son and the brother, it would have been horrible: marches, everyone marching”

He increase in gasoline in the last year and the reaction that there would have been in the country if the president were not Petro, was also commented on by the creator of 'Suso, el paspi'.

“The country would have stopped because of gasoline”

When they came to the topic of the 2022 presidential elections, both the first and second rounds, he noted that in the first he gave his vote of confidence to the professor and former governor of Antioquia, Sergio Fajardo.

"No no no. I did not vote for 'Fico', my candidate is Fajardo. “I am a fajardista”

Finally, he did not want to reveal who he voted for in the second round, which was competed by Rodolfo Hernandez and the current president Gustavo Petro, but he did refer to the former mayor of Bucaramanga, not in a very good way.

“I'm not going to tell you who I voted for in the second round, but I do know that I didn't, well, Rodolfo didn't seem like an option to me. Where is Rodolfo right now?”

Through this space of the Spanish journalist, taking advantage of the regional elections, different candidates for public office have passed, among them, Jorge Enrique Robledo, Juan Daniel Oviedo, Rodrigo Lara and the General (r) Jorge Luis Vargaswho talked about drugs and sex.

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