Sunak takes reins at AI summit to address short-term challenges

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Bletchey Park (United Kingdom), Nov 2 (EFECOM).- The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, will pilot the work of the second and final day of the summit on security in artificial intelligence (AI) this Thursday, in which Companies in the sector are expected to contribute their vision regarding the most urgent challenges.

According to a Downing Street spokesperson, Sunak will welcome representatives of governments and civil society gathered in Bletchley Park (north of London) and will chair two sessions in the afternoon.

In the first, a small group of countries with similar approaches, including the US, the EU, Australia or Japan, but not China, will address international priorities for AI in the next five years.

Sunak will defend the "global responsibility" to confront risks in a common way and the need for international cooperation to do so.

In the second session, leading artificial intelligence companies, such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Google DeepMind, Microsoft and Meta, will sit alongside academics and civil society to discuss concrete actions to ensure AI safety.

At that meeting, a plan will be discussed so that the most advanced AI models can be previously evaluated by entities with state support before being launched.

On Wednesday, a total of 28 countries, including the US and China, approved the so-called Bletchley Park Declaration, in which they commit for the first time to promoting international cooperation to avoid the worst omens regarding new intelligent systems. .

"The first global summit on AI security, led by the UK, has already seen major powers sign the Bletchley Park Declaration, agreeing shared responsibility to tackle risks and urgently work together on frontier AI," he said. Sunak, according to his spokesperson. EFECOM


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