Summary. One week has passed since the war between Israel and Palestine

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A week into the war between Israel and Palestine, the situation appears to be worsening in the Gaza border area. Although initially the international community hoped to avoid an escalation in violence between both countries, andhe conflict has led to an exodus in Palestine and thousands of Israeli reservists reintegrating into the army.

Here we present the most important information.

The Gaza Strip was the area from where the Hamas group launched its massive missile attack on Israel last Friday. That area remained under the control of that terrorist organization since 2007.

As soon as the world found out about the attack, the international community took a stand. Countries such as the United States, France and Italy, among others, paid their respects to Israel for the victims and condemned Hamas. Iran and Russia were more distant in condemning the attacks.

During the first day of the attack, it was revealed that Hamas had taken prisoners at a peace music festival near the Reim kibbutz. Hundreds were missing and at least 260 were dead.

Israel responded with a missile bombardment toward Gaza that lasted several days. Cities and towns in Palestine were devastated. The survivors escaped away from the conflict.

From day one of the conflict, hundreds of demonstrations for and against Israel and Palestine took place around the world. New York was the scene of dozens of them because it has the largest Jewish community outside of the Middle East. The marches lasted all week.

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In France, it was prohibited to go out to demonstrate in favor of Palestine, however, thousands of French citizens ignored the order and took to the streets. Clashes were reported between pro-Palestinian civilians and the police.

Even Japan, which is historically one of the countries with the fewest Jews, was the scene of some marches in favor of Israel.

On the third day of the conflict, rumors about babies killed by Hamas flooded social media. Even the president of the United States was involved in a controversy for confirming its existence without reliable evidence. Just 24 hours later, the terrorist group would release the images showing the babies victims of violence.

On Thursday, Israel announced a total siege of the Gaza Strip, for which He asked the Palestinian government to evacuate civilians before the land arrival of his troops. The UN condemned the evacuation order and stated that this decision ignored the human rights of civilians.

On the seventh day, the number of deaths in Palestine is estimated at 1,500, while on the Israeli side there are 1,300. However, international organizations assure that it is impossible to know the number of fatalities in this conflict, without counting those affected by forced displacement.

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On the seventh day, Israel confirmed that its troops were already carrying out the first reconnaissance and positioning tours of the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians flee the area that has become the main scene of the conflict.

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