Success in the First Mass Group Dance of the Day of the Dead Imagen Multimedia

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In a festive atmosphere full of creativity, Grupo Imagen Multimedia collaborators gathered in a unique celebration as part of a recreational activity within the framework of the Day of the Dead this Wednesday.

The large Grupo Imagen family organized its first mass dance at its facilities.

Diversity and joy were present, collaborators from all areas actively participated in the event. Many came dressed in clever and terrifying costumes.

The highlight was the appearance of a special guest, a double of the king of pop, Michael Jackson, who impressed with his enormous resemblance and talent for executing the dance steps of this musical star.

It is worth mentioning that this show was carried out by Jackson Production and Jackson Entertainment, a team made up of artists Victor Jackson, Michelle Stephany, Luizz Rodríguez, Kandy Sanher and Johana Fernández.

This talented cast was in charge of coordinating the choreography of the famous song "Thriller", which has already become an anthem during the Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities.

After several attempts and many minutes spent rehearsing by the participants, the expected moment arrived.

A large group of dancers put the learned steps into practice with excellent synchronization.

The audience present, both participants and other collaborators, gladly celebrated the success of this first edition of the massive Day of the Dead dance.

At the end of the dance, all attendees enjoyed a pleasant moment, sharing a delicious bread of the dead accompanied by hot coffee.

This event was not only an occasion to remember and honor loved ones who have passed away, but also to strengthen unity and community spirit among Grupo Imagen's collaborators.

Without a doubt, this first massive Day of the Dead dance was a great success and left a pleasant impression on both the company and its collaborators.

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