Submission instead of politics and consent

Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

The legislative majorities in our country are the same as always, anchored in the past, submissive to the president in turn, always obedient, they do not engage in politics, much less seek consensus to approve presidential initiatives, as in this case, the reform Electricity of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This Sunday the legislative majority made up of Morena and her allies failed to satisfy the wishes of their boss, to carry out a reform of the Constitution, a statist reform as in the best times of Echeverrist PRIism. Morena failed because he did not negotiate, he blindly followed his only master, Andrés Manuel, who ordered not to take even a comma from his initiative, that is how they understand democracy.

Morenista legislators will know that in the mid-fifteenth century, John Fortescue, president of the Supreme Court, affirmed “that England was at the same time dominium politicum et regale, meaning that the king could only enact laws after consulting parliament and obtaining its consent, even if he had absolute power to apply the law and defend the kingdom”, (quoted by Bernard Crick in his work: In Defense of Politics).

Crick also points out that “to renounce politics or to destroy it is to destroy precisely what brings order to the pluralism and variety of civilized societies, what allows one to enjoy variety without suffering from anarchy or the tyranny of absolute truths…”

In the Mexican legislature, politics is renounced and destroyed for the sake of submission to the president in turn, which is not only present in this administration, it has been the same over the years in the PRI, PAN regimes and now the current brunette.

Based on these wise concepts of Crick I can affirm that on Sunday, the Morena parliamentary group and its allies did the opposite, that is why they failed in their attempt to carry out a law, whether good or bad, it was rejected by the opposition that strengthened towards 2024.

The opposition came out stronger because Morena refused to negotiate, to go through politics to find consensus, but do not believe that this attitude is a guarantee of coming together in the next presidential elections.

One thing must have been made clear to the Morenoites, it is not enough to call those in the opposition traitors to the country.


Morena and her allies carried out, in Fast Track, the presidential reform of the Mining Law, for which the vote of two thirds of the legislators that make up the Chamber of Deputies was not needed. Only they voted for it, because the opposition left the San Lázaro session room en bloc, so as not to endorse another presidential whim…Ignacio Mier should talk more often with Ricardo Monreal who, as leader of the majority in the Senate, has always insisted that “You must respect, listen and not get tired of building agreements with minorities.” Monreal with a very twisted fang predicted since Friday that “it would be difficult” to approve the electrical reform in San Lázaro and the result of Sunday’s vote proved him right. During his tenure as president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate, the man from Zacatecas has shown that he knows how to build agreements. Instead, his counterpart in the Chamber of Deputies, instead of dialoguing, he “confronted” the opposition bloc whom he threw into the Morenista pack.


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