Subjects who robbed patrol cars in Hidalgo fall and boasted about it on video

It is unknown how the thieves took over the patrol car without the uniformed officers noticing.

Photo: Twitter/@MarKoCabanas / Courtesy

After two months of searching, elements of the Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office managed to capture two men who, last September, participated in the robbery of a patrol car belonging to the Alfajayucan municipal police.

Not satisfied with having committed this crime, the subjects shared a video on social networks in which they bragged about their “feat”because in the images they appear in an obvious state of drunkenness, aboard the vehicle driving along a dirt road while celebrating.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the patrol was only recovered on November 4 in the same municipality, and now, a few weeks later, they found two of the three responsible for this crime.

However, so far another of the three responsible remains a fugitive of the robbery of the municipal patrol, for which the unit continues with the corresponding investigations to locate it.

For his part, the mayor of Alfajayucan, Alfredo Feregrino Martínez, said that These types of incidents cannot be tolerated.for which he assured that the surveillance of the municipal police units will be reinforced so that these violent actions against the city council are not presented again.

The video that the criminals uploaded in September went viral on social media, and in the clip they can be heard saying: “We are leaders of the people, we bring the patrol of the presidency. We are in a patrol car, calm down, tracking”.

They also took the opportunity to send greetings to the United States. “Greetings to all the people from Nopalera, up to Georgia, all the people who are in Atlanta, Georgia,” mentioned one of the subjects.

Later one of them added: “Here we are already on our way, we are going through the huachicol”referring to the theft of fuel, for which, perhaps, these people are engaged in this illegal activity, with the state of Hidalgo being one of the entities where it is most recorded.

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