Subject throws alleged cartridges into Buckingham Palace days after the coronation

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A man was arrested for throwing what police believe may be shotgun shells into the palace of Buckinghamjust four days before the coronation of the King Carlos III and Queen Camila.

As reported by the Metropolitan Police, the individual was arrested around 7:00 p.m. local time this Tuesday after he approached the gates of the palace, the official residence of the British monarch, and throw various objects.

In accordance with BBCat the time of the mishap in the vicinity of the palace of Buckinghamwere not within the royal headquarters on King Carlos III and Queen Camila.

The man was arrested for being in possession of an "offensive weapon", according to the Scotland Yard statement, which assured that the suspected cartridges have been recovered to be examined by specialists.

The police cordoned off the place after realizing that the man was in possession of a suspicious bagand proceeded with a controlled explosion of the object as a precautionary measure.

Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Joseph McDonald explained that “officers reacted immediately to arrest the manwho was taken into police custody.

Shortly after, the surrounding streets reopened and most of the police cordons were lifted.

There has been no information about shots nor injuries to agents or citizens," said the superintendent, who added that the police are continuing their investigations.

The area around Buckingham is full of tourists these days and with a strong police force in preparation of coronation ceremony on saturdaywhich will include the religious act in Westminster Abbey and a procession between the temple and the palace.

(With information from EFE and BBC)

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