Subject abuses young man in waiting room

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A man was arrested early this Thursday, October 12, for alleged sexual abuse inside the Bus Station in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

According to information from municipal security authorities, the subject would have taken advantage of a young woman while she was sleeping in one of the waiting rooms of this facility.

The victim was accompanied by her mother, who left her alone and asleep to go to the bathroom, but when she returned she found her daughter upset and afraid, so she told her about her unfortunate experience.

After being pointed out, the man tried to flee from the bus station located on Colón Avenue and Villagrán Street in the center of the city; However, he was caught up and detained by municipal officers.

The person responsible for the attack was identified as Jehú A., 32 years old, and was immediately transferred to the facilities of the Ministry of Public Security where he was detained and placed at the disposal of a Public Ministry Agency specialized in sexual crimes, to face his situation before Justice.

Central de Buses is once again the site of cases related to sexual assault

Last February of this year, a man identified as Sebastián Francisco M., 28 years old, was arrested by elements of the Monterrey Police for allegedly touching a woman.

The affected person, a 41-year-old woman, said that she was traveling aboard a bus on the Apolo Platinum line, coming from Mexico City, when she suddenly felt that the young man who was with her at her side began to perform touching his leg and back.

At that moment, the victim reported it to the driver of the unit, but he did not pay attention, so he decided to wait until they arrived in this city, where he asked the authorities for help, who proceeded to act.

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