Strong weight, egg through the roof

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

The peso is strong against the dollar, the government of the 4T presumes, but what is the point of asking consumers who suffer from the price escalation that has been unleashed in recent days, which has the egg, a staple item for the Mexican diet through the roof at a price that oscillates between 50 and 80 pesos per kilo.

Both President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, ring the bells because we have a price of the peso against the dollar of 18.90 units, "there are some who would like this news to be false," he commented. yesterday through her twitter account the doctor.

Without being an economics specialist, we can draw a practical conclusion, that if the peso is so strong against the dollar, then why does the price of food, especially imported ones, rise?

Prices rise and the salary that increased to 207 pesos, this year, by 20 percent that is celebrated so much, is pulverized and the purchasing power of the popular classes is shattered. With 207 pesos it is not even enough for three kilos of the egg white and yolk.

And we better not even talk about medicines, every week they appear in pharmacies, savings or discounts and other sales centers with a new price, never lower, always higher.

The increases come in cascade despite the government's optimism for the strong peso against a weak dollar, "Where will we go to stop" as the philosopher from MichoacĂĄn would say. As the old columnists said: "May God catch us confessed."

And don't you think that the increase in tolls on the highways will give another blow to the popular economy? I think so.

Or welfare? Not even the poor first? To hell with his promises.


It rains on the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, in her milpita and soon hail will fall on her. The daughter of Negro Sansores thought that because she has the blessing of the National Palace and the City Hall, she would be untouchable, but no, she will have to respond to all his corruption, attacks and traps like the ones she did in her election . Only in the Álvaro ObregĂłn mayor's office where the woman from Campechana left a pig, the current mayor, LĂ­a LimĂłn, filed seven complaints against the governor. Did you believe what she said about the money that some of her collaborators received, who were caught receiving the wads? Me neither. Nor will her godfather Carlos Salinas de Gortari be able to save her. Layda assures that she has the campaign coordination of Claudia Sheinbaum in her bag, who will have to think about it because it could be a drag on her aspirations... The retired minister JosĂ© RamĂłn CosĂ­o is right when he says that the message the president sent from QuerĂ©taro: " I rule with the armed forces” is cause for concern. It is clear that the legislative and judicial powers are valid for him and that the division of powers is not on his agenda. Could it be that he did not read the Spirit of the laws of Montesquieu? Today in the PRI there will be a riot, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong will go to the offices of the national headquarters of the tricolor in Buenavista to meet with Alejandro Moreno CĂĄrdenas whom he has confronted in the Last few weeks
Dr. Sheinbaum, the fact that the escalators in many subway stations don't work, isn't that a lack of maintenance?

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