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Francisco Garfias.

They call them “scabs.” They are the senators of the Containment Block that Morena has already pulled to vote for the permanence of the military in public security tasks until 2028.

Until yesterday there were four legislators who decided to take the leap, according to a very well-informed parliamentary source. One made it public. Yucatecan PAN member Raúl Paz Alonzo. Sold for a bowl of lentils.

The other three remain anonymous. The eyes of the PRI, PAN, PRD, emecistas and pluralists turn to the PRI Manuel Añorve.

The man from Guerrero belongs to Alito Moreno’s team. His teammates from the tricolor take it for granted that he will vote with the cherries. We have to wait. Various names are used for the other two. We are not going to mention them because they are the product of speculation.

We will soon find out if the blackmail, offers, pressure, promises of resources for states and municipalities, calls from governors, managed to convince the five or six that are missing to achieve the long-awaited qualified majority (two-thirds of those present) to get their hands on the Constitution, according to accounts from the Morena leadership.

The session to debate and vote on the transitory constitutional reform is scheduled for today at 10 in the morning.

Brunette advanced. He only needs to convince “five or six sendores.” The federal government made an arsenal of resources available to Ricardo Monreal to negotiate more aid to states and municipalities, but the Morena coordinator ran into a wall trying to convince the coordinators of the parliamentary groups of the Containment Bloc.

That led him to change his strategy. He now tries to convince, one by one, the infantry senators and it has worked, although he has not reached his goal.

The issue of non-attendance could be used to facilitate the qualified majority. Going to the bathroom at the time of voting is frequent. Last minute patients who do not attend the session as well. But this time they are very guarded. Both to those of Morena and rémoras, as well as to the opponents. Whoever doesn’t go will do badly.

The magic number to reach the qualified majority required for its approval – in case all 128 senators attend – is 86 votes. With the addition of Raúl Paz and the other three that Morena claims to have tied up, the reform would reach 80 votes. Six would be missing.


We know that the coordinators of the PRI, PAN, PRD, MC and Grupo Plural wanted it to be debated and voted on yesterday. They were already feeling the effects of the Adán-Morena-Monreal operation. But the coordinator of the sour cherries successfully opposed it. He needed time to try to convince more senators from the Bloc. Today we will know if he succeeded.


The scabs, as we have already said, are not only from the PRI, as was stated. One of the surprises came from the PAN. Yesterday it was made public that Senator Raúl Paz will not only vote in favor of the military remaining in the streets until 2028, but also went over to Morena’s bench.

He already has a position within the icing. He is the national commissioner for liaison with the business sector. From now on, he is a Morena candidate for the governorship of Yucatan in 2024.

“We have invited him to help us listen to businessmen, collect their concerns, but also to inform them of what our president has done,” said Mario Delgado, president of Morena, in a video that he uploaded with the former PAN member.

The blue bench made public a statement in which it condemns the “purchase of wills” by the cherries.

“Morena uses the worst practices of politics to buy wills and exerting its corrupting power to the maximum possible,” underlines the text, emanating from the office of the coordinator of the blue parliamentary group, Julen Rementería.

The statement says that still yesterday morning –as he did last Saturday–, Raúl Paz did not express any objection to his name appearing in the statement made by the PAN to vote against the modification to the 5th transitory.


On the side of those who oppose the “militarization” of public security there are also all kinds of pressures. Representatives of five citizen organizations appeared in the Upper House to demand that opposition senators vote against the Reform.

National Civic Front, Yes for Mexico, Citizen Power, Mexico Civil Society, UNE Mexico, distributed a text in which they warn of the risks of the submission of civil authorities to the military.

“It would be a serious mistake. From historical experience we know that when an extraordinary authority is extended over time, it ends up imposing itself as normal practice.

“Do not approve a constitutional change that would consolidate militarism in the country for the next five years,” the text underlines.

In the entourage were Claudio X. González, Beatriz Pagés, Demetrio Sodi, María Elena Moreira, Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, Carlos Navarrete and others. They were accompanied by Senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza.

The last three met discreetly with Ricardo Monreal. They asked him to receive the citizen organizations. Senator Morena’s response was “no.” He knew what they were going to ask of him. He couldn’t please them. He works in the opposite direction.

The end.

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