Strike of carriers is recorded in various parts of Peru | News

Drivers of public, interprovincial and heavy cargo transport carried out an indefinite strike this Tuesday in several regions of Peru, after failing to reach agreements with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).


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After the high-level technical table between the Executive and the representatives of the heavy cargo carriers union was suspended, the workers decided to go on indefinite strike.

According to Martín Ojeda, director of the National Transport Council, there are four points for which the strike began:

The high price of fuels, the delay in Congress for the approval of the Bill for the Refund of 70% of the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC), the refund of the price of tolls and the work of the MTC “that gives priority to illegal transport, before protecting formal transport”.

The MTC, for its part, reported on Monday night on the progress of compliance with the commitments assumed with the carriers, as well as the actions that the current management has carried out to address the problems of carriers derived from the energy and economic crisis.

According to the representative of the Lima and Callao carriers union, David Mujica, the public transportation service will develop as normal, that is, the national transportation strike will not be complied with.
Mujica explained that the Government has promised to start a dialogue table.

Mujica, spokesman and legal advisor for the public transport unions of Lima and Callao, pointed out that approximately 16,000 transport units will abide by the strike and that this decision is due to the fact that the Government has not responded to a series of demands that have previously raised.

“The main demand is the modification of the schedule for the departure of public transport vehicles based on age. The MTC, after the talks, issued a new schedule; but they are only giving one more year. Technically, we all know that, a another year means nothing,” he said.