Stepfather breaks legs of a 6-month-old baby in Sinaloa

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A baby of 6 months old She was transferred from the municipality of Cósala to the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital with fractures in his legsallegedly caused by his stepfather inside his home.

The State Attorney General's Office was notified of the situation of Sol Abigail “N"by the medical staff who attended the admission of the little girl, who has injuries caused by blows to both legs, so Her mother transported her in an emergency aboard a Red Cross ambulance to the state capital.

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The minor was admitted to the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital to be treated by specialists. Meanwhile, authorities have launched an investigation where they have collected testimonies from relatives to determine if the little girl was attacked by her stepfather.

Child abuse in Mexico

Data presented by Save The Children MexicoIn 2021, 7 girls, boys or adolescents were murdered daily and 37 suffered physical violence, this without adding cases that are not identified as child violence or that were not notified to the authorities.

Added to the violence against Mexican minors is that exercised against girls and adolescents for gender reasons, who are exposed to sexual assault, financial insecurity, emotional abuse or being victims of crimes such as sexual exploitation and trafficking. of people.

During 2021, 259 girls between 12 and 14 years old who were forced to work sexually were rescuedwhile that same year 9 femicides of minors were recorded daily.

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In the same report it is highlighted that 75,500 girls, boys and adolescents were affected by irregular migration and they were exposed to unsafe conditions that put their lives, integrity and freedom at risk. This, particularly due to the increase in the use of force by authorities to control migration, as well as criminal organizations that are dedicated to kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, among others.

Organizations in favor of the development and protection of children have called on authorities at all levels of government to generate and implement programs to prevent, address, punish and eradicate all forms of violence against girls, boys and adolescents who are in national territory without distinction of nationality.

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