Steam emanates from huge cracks in the city center of Grindavik, Iceland

Steam emanates from huge cracks in the city center of
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Since last weekend Residents of the city of Grindavik, Iceland, are preparing for what could be the most devastating volcanic eruption in the country. in 50 yearswith a small fishing village at risk of being destroyed.

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Throughout the weekend, Authorities in that country have evacuated more than 4,000 people due to the high probability that the magma will rise to the surface in the coming days, and even hours.The Meteorological Office warned on Sunday.

For two weeks now and, over the weekend, Several roads and other structures were destroyed due to the more than 30,000 earthquakes that have been recorded in the area that had remained inactive for almost 800 years until early 2020.when intense seismic activity began on the peninsula.

In the midst of the intense geological activity and the eminent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcanoimages of what is happening in that country have abounded on social networks, leaving hundreds of Internet users shocked, as it shows how a kilometer-long crack was formed that runs through the city of Grindavik, however, it is reported that This fault is beginning to emit gases from the subsoil through which it is presumed the magma is already flowing.

In photos and videos you can see how white smoke comes out of the deep cracks, while this activity is expected to intensify, especially since the volcano has already begun to erupt which could last several days.

From space, The GPS has detected a rise in the terrain of several centimeters a day in various points in the area.

“We are at the beginning of a great tectonic event that is releasing the tectonic tension accumulated over the last 800 years on the peninsula2,” explained Ármann Höskuldsson, a volcanologist at the University of Iceland.

Even the geothermal pool that is very famous on social networks “Blue Lagoon” has closed its doors for safety.

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The Reykjanes peninsula, just 60 kilometers from Reykjavík, the Icelandic capital, is the hot spot, a seismically very active area.

Scientists do not know where the magma will emerge. But the fracture, which has opened from southwest to northeast, is a clue. Most likely, according to IMO, it does so at some point in the crack. Experts link this event to the nearby Fagradalsfjall volcano.

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