States of the country receive unequal budgets in education

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For Mexicans First, the Federation Expenditure Project planned for next year will have an unequal distribution of the budget received by the federal entities in matters of public education.

In a conference, Fernando Ruiz, research director of the association, revealed that this is the result of an analysis of the Economic Package 2024, focusing mainly on spending on each compulsory basic education studentto identify if the federal budget of branch 33 is sufficient to meet the needs of each entity according to its student enrollment.

The government plans to carry out next year a federalized expenditure per student of 27,651 pesos on averagea budget that varies depending on the state, because some receive more resources.

Baja California Sur is where you will invest the most per student, with an amount of 46 thousand 94 pesoswhile Jalisco, the second state with the highest school enrollment, It will only have 18,132.

Baja California Sur is where you will invest the most per student. | Special
Baja California Sur is where you will invest the most per student. | Special

Ruiz indicated that this situation is contrasting, since there are entities such as Nuevo León, State of Mexico and Jalisco that, despite having a large enrollment of students, They do not receive higher spending per student compared to other entities with lower enrollment such as Campeche, Oaxaca or Colima, which have a budget per student above 35 thousand pesos.

Nuevo León, State of Mexico and Jalisco are the states that receive the least spending per student. | Special
Campeche, Oaxaca or Colima, which have a budget per student of over 35 thousand pesos. | Special

We defend the right to learn of all girls, boys and adolescents in Mexico and we urge them to work together to guarantee a fair and equitable distribution of resources allocated to education,” commented Patricia Vázquez del Mercado, executive president of Mexicanos Primero.

The analysis indicates that between 2018 and 2023, entities such as Guerrero, Colima and Oaxaca They have lost approximately 10 percent of their student enrollmentand they had increases in their budgets.

While Nuevo León and Quintana Roo received fewer resources despite having experienced an increase of 2.1 and 5.8 percent in number of students, respectively.

The association emphasizes reducing the budget gaps between the federal entitiessince they cause educational needs to not be met in the same way.

Nuevo León and Quintana Roo received fewer resources. | Special
Nuevo León and Quintana Roo received fewer resources. | Special

“Our commitment is to the present so that each student, regardless of their place of residence, has a quality education with equal opportunities,” concluded Vázquez del Mercado.


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