State has not been able to stop attacks on journalists

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Fernando A. Mora Guillen*.

  • The State has not been able to stop attacks on journalists.
  • Low car sales due to chip shortage.
  • The US threatens Mexico with trade sanctions for putting the vaquita marina at risk.

Enrique Irazoque Palazuelos, head of the Unit for the Defense of Human Rights and Executive Coordinator of the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, acknowledged that "The State has not been able to generate the necessary actions to break the inertia of attacks that prevail to this day.

In a meeting with members of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, they agreed on the need to strengthen the current protocols.

Research carried out by the Mechanism shows that from 2006 to date, there are 252 murders of journalists.

The Mechanism is a coordination and cooperation body between the Federation, the states and the prosecutors to implement measures that guarantee the life, integrity, freedom and security of journalists and human rights defenders who are at risk or under threat.

Enrique Irazoque explained that 53% of the journalists incorporated into the mechanism are concentrated in states such as: Mexico City 79; Warrior, 58; Tamaulipas, 49; Veracruz, 26; and Oaxaca 22. In addition, from December 2018 to February 2022, 98 homicides of human rights defenders have been registered.

In this way, he warned, a General Law that creates obligations and co-responsibilities towards municipal and state authorities is a priority, as well as building a national system to prevent attacks against journalists and human rights defenders.

Take it carefully.- The Mexican production of light vehicles closed 2021 with 2,979,276 units, with a reduction of less than 2.0 percent compared to 2020.

In this way, it is estimated that in 2021, just over 54,000 units were not sold in our country due to the shortage of chips.

So many new car buyers have realized that these days walking into a dealership with a check for the full value of a unit doesn't necessarily mean you can drive home a new car or truck from the dealership. Since sometimes it is required to wait up to months for the unit to be delivered.

An optimistic forecast for the performance of the domestic automotive market in 2022 contemplates, towards the second half of the year, returning to inventory levels at the beginning of 2021, which would allow for greater progress in sales, while noting down the deterioration of factors economics that impact demand.

Let us also remember that in March 2021, the Japanese manufacturer Renesas Electronics Corp, which has an important role in the automotive industry: it is one of the largest suppliers of semiconductors for vehicles, suffered a fire in one of its factories, and the consequences spread to the entire industry. More so now that there is a global shortage of chips.

Finally we will mention the available car models and delivery in a few days in Mexico: Alfa Romeo from one to three days; Audi A1, Q3, Q5 from three to five days; Baic BJ40, JMC, X35, 2 to 3 days; Chevrolet Aveo, Cavalier, Captiva, Colorado, Suburban, Tahoe in five to fifteen days and Nissan Kicks, March, Sentra, and Versa in seven to fourteen days; among others.

Take it with interest.- A final dozen vaquitas swim in the Gulf of California. Now that the United States has escalated its danger of extinction to the commercial level, the "neglect" for years of the Federal Government to protect this unique mammal in the world will be "exhibited" in a solution panel between both countries if in a few days the Secretary of the Environment does not expose concrete measures for its protection, they foresee civil organizations.

Whether or not to solve the controversy derived from the lack of a budget for the sector and a Fisheries Law without a sustainable vision, trade sanctions will come.

Although it lives in the protected area Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California, this small cetacean is in danger of extinction due to the fishing of the totoaba fish, which is exported to Asia and is also in danger of extinction.

What we lacked, it would be unforgivable to go down in history as a country that ends up with an endemic marine species for not regulating fishing activity. Our commercial allies could even establish embargoes for these offenses, as has happened on other occasions with the loggerhead turtle or the dolphin.

So the question arises of what world do we want to inherit to future generations? Nature provides us with many resources and environmental conflicts lead to economic repercussions at the international level, because fishing is not sustainable, it is unfair competition.

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*Master in Institutional Communication from the Universidad Panamericana.

*Founding member of the National College of Graduates in Journalism.

*President of the Fernando Mora Gómez Foundation for Freedom of Expression.

The charge State has not been able to stop attacks on journalists appeared first in El Arsenal.

The charge State has not been able to stop attacks on journalists appeared first in El Arsenal.

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