Start everything and finish nothing

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Jorge Miguel Ramírez Pérez.

“For which of you, wanting to build a tower,

Don't sit down first and calculate the expenses,

Let's see if you have what you need to finish it?

Lest after he has laid the foundation,

and I can't finish it,

everyone who sees him begins to make fun of him,


This man began to build, and could not finish.” Luke 14:28-33

The common sense so scarce today indicates that life cannot be as frivolous as wild minds think, and that time, that inexorable factor, always runs at its own pace and not at the pace that voluntarists would like. Everything comes to an end, and there is no deadline that is not met; No matter how many tantrums are manifested, the bills must be paid, with everything and interest and they already weigh, because the expenses were incurred, the most at least was sacrificed, like the medicines that have not just arrived; and the results continue to be promises and jokes, no matter how you look at them.

The balance is adverse and the load of errors sank the ship. To begin with, the government no longer has a way to finance the deficit it presents to close this ignominious period by 2024. And since it could not finish any tower, many of which it did not even start, the subject argues that a new generation, by force, has to finish the failures. But none of his letters, nor are they from the new generation, all in their sixties, nor do they have the capacity, because even if they were experienced in leading the government ship, which they are not; Nobody has the absurd ability to finish something that is nothing more than a successful project in a feverish mind, which does not involve more than four hours of daily work during the week, and that is, if baseball does not steal more from him. Because damn it, the stupid people had to become fond of the Neronic pleasures of the tyrant.

There are the empty and almost abandoned baseball stadiums, because the fever of throwing money at the green diamonds has already subsided. Today, even the court of macehuales, the worshipers who burned the copal, can no longer stand it.

The Grenache airport without a route between the metropolitan ghettos; the refinery that will refine in 2026, if Mexico goes into more debt; the Toluca train that is stuck; the federal offices that none were decentralized; the medical service of Denmark and the pharmacy of all the medicines in the world, where Santa Claus works busily in Finland. The Mayan train that does not have even a hill to admire the boring landscape of an even jungle, a Chinese project that the builder of paper towers bought and whose objective was to put a hundred thousand Asians in a region that on the map looks like uninhabited, because it is not habitable... it simply does not have enough water or energy.

The trans-isthmic train, with obsolete and waste machines, which they went to buy in a British junkyard and did not spend more, because they were on the same rails that Porfirio Díaz built more than a hundred years ago. Not one hectare of irrigation could increase the inventory of agricultural production. The water equivalent to irrigating 22,000 hectares is thrown into the sea daily. Migration from the entire planet passes through Mexico, saturating the borders, because in the Viceregal Palace, they have the mandate to invade the neighbors. And after so much nonsense about the theories of herd immunity, the covid became a slaughterhouse, and in the middle of the epidemic people were invited to get contaminated. Controlling the vaccines, they owe them, no one sells them to them and the Cuban and Russian pseudo-vaccines that are a duck, they don't have them in the warehouse either. Many towers, without even a foundation, only in the heads of the morning people! The damage is endless...

Poverty was reproduced, inflation rampant and crime rampant; The worst thing, all the surveys say, is the insecurity: close to half a million deaths from homicide and missing people add up to deaths with a license of impunity in the Mexico of the transformation into an open-air cemetery; while the causes of evil are sought, while a new world of bullshit after bulls is created, where one can govern without governing, where everyone is equal with a pair of shoes, a shirt and khaki pants, like Mao, who never washed teeth because it was a bourgeois custom, and thus he had the Chinese subdued. For what else?

And since the towers were not finished, there was no corrupt person in prison, and finally many institutions fell; Let's see if the wood stove expert can finish what they should never have started.

The great science of burning firewood, that of the age of prehistory, is yours; dancing some matachines, perhaps in search of a shamanic vision that tells him that the new Tenochtitlán-Palenque is the NASA of the poor, and even promises a fifth transformation to return astrally in a dreamlike journey, to the world of the ancestors, to find the great wisdom of continuing in a cultural roll where they neither knew metals nor used the wheel, but they were bloodthirsty like now, in the country of death...they carry it there

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