Starlink wins two contracts with the CFE

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The Elon Musk's company, Starlinkachievement obtain two contracts to offer satellite Internet with the CFEand thus provide connectivity throughout the country.

These contracts have variable amounts ranging from 1,932 million pesos to three thousand 864 million pesos to provide Internet services to various areas of the country, indicated the files of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Telecommunications and Internet for All (TEIT).

The first contract refers to Low orbit satellite backhaul connectivity service and its associated equipment to enable the telecommunications infrastructure.

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The second is about low orbit satellite connectivity service and its associated equipment for provide Internet at various public Priority Attention points inside of Mexican republic in rural communities.

The Starlink company has to guarantee in the first contract a latency less than 100 milliseconds and must provide low orbit satellites that cover the national territory with a download speed of five to 175 megabytes per second. Service Backhaul connectivity must include unlimited data consumption for each site.

He investment amount CFE for the first contract it will be one thousand 29 million pesos to two thousand 59 million. The second contract seeks to guarantee an average speed or greater than 80 megabytes per second for downloading and 10 for uploading, with latency less than 100 ms and to be provided with low orbit satellites and coverage throughout Mexico.

The range of this contract goes from 902 million to 1,805 million pesos. In addition to the previous one, the minimum cost would be 1,932 million and the maximum 3,864 million pesos.

With this, they would provide mobile telephone service in rural and suburban areas that do not yet have such services. The formalization process of this contract was set for October 31 and will also be valid until December 31, 2026.

With these two tenders won, Elon Musk and Starlink have taken an important step in the telecommunications landscape in Mexicobringing high-speed internet services and connectivity to remote areas and rural communities that previously lacked these services.

This investment in telecommunications adds to the Musk expansion in Mexicowhich includes the construction of a Tesla automotive plant in Nuevo Leónwith a projected investment of more than five billion dollars.

Furthermore, recently, during the passage of hurricane Otisa Starlink antenna was installed at the Princess Hotel in Acapulcoallowing tourists stranded in the hotel zone to send their first messages by cell phone, demonstrating the potential of this technology.

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