Standupero Lino Vargas makes a joke about femicides and is outraged on social networks

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In social networks a video went viral what caused indignationbecause it is about standupero Lino Vargas Making a routine in his show with a very theme delicateespecially in Mexico, the joke was directly a mockery of the feminist movementbut also about women missing.

"Feminists keep saying that we shouldn't give our opinion about women's bodies, but they are the same ones who spend their time asking about the bodies of missing women."

After saying his "chiste" a voice is heard in the background saying "No!", also some awkward laughter, although very few to be a standup showwhere generally after the auction the place is flooded with laughterbut it was not the case, since he got involved with sensitive topics although according to the other videos he publishes on his social networks, talking about feminists is one of your favorite topicssince he does it regularly in his shows.

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In another clip uploaded to TikTok refers again to these themes and ensures that jokes do not harm anyone and that the number of people harmed in the world "will remain the same after a comedy show" and then broadcast another again inappropriate comment:

Arguing with a feminist is like arguing with a wall, sooner or later you end up hitting it."

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Standupero who mocks gender violence is canceled on social networks

After goes viral one of his routines in which he does jokes about feminists, missing women and the gender violence, Social media users began to fill their videos and photos on instagram of negative commentsin which users let you know that his jokes don't make you laugh: "Enjoy your minute of “fame” and don't try so hard to pretend you don't care," "The only joke here is you" and "You're in a bad way, buddy. Your frustrations go somewhere else, this is not something you play with" are some of the comments on his publications.

Lino Vargas refers to himself as a "dark comedian", also claims to be a writer and producer of content as well as comedy events. Currently, his X account is suspended, as well as his TikTok account, which is no longer available. On Spotify he has a podcast which only had two chapters and in the second he talks about black humor and explained its function in sensitive cases such as in a joke he made about the femicides in Juarez City.

@fuimostodasmx THIS IS NOT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! THIS IS NOT EVEN A COMEDY #comedia #linovargas #yabasta #feminismo #cancelado #mexico #vargas #hastalamadre #viraltiktok #tienesqueverlo #paratii #hazloviral #noestabien #fyp #feminicidio #justicia #guarderiaabc #injusticia #comediantesmexicanos original sound - (Kim's version)

Humor in comedy is art, at the end of the day, what I did with my joke was to tell you: 'in my reality, in the world in which I live, women are disappearing, this topic hurts me, I want to express it to your audience so that "Think about this topic that made me think 'that's my view as an artist."

It was like this justified his jokes and added: "since I'm a comedian I need to make you laugh, So I'm going to talk about the issue that is hurting me in my reality. And part of it I'm going to make you laugh because my field is comedy."


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