Stability and progress: Adán Augusto highlights progress in Mexico

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Mexico.- The achievements in Mexico are evident: governance that has not been seen in many years, social stability and good economic performance, said Adán Augusto López Hernández, a candidate for the National Coordination for the Defense of the Fourth Transformation. In addition, he highlighted the unprecedented attention to inequality through Social Programs.

From Durango, in an informative assembly, the former head of the Ministry of the Interior admitted the existence of insecurity problems in some regions, however, he stressed that this situation is not widespread in the country. In addition, he urged state and municipal governments, such as those of Guanajuato and Chihuahua, to assume their respective responsibilities in this area.

As part of his work itinerary in the organization, López Hernández highlighted the progress in the fight against inflation and the strengthening of the national currency, "with results not seen before." He even mentioned the case of Querétaro, where requests were received from businessmen to set an exchange rate of 20 pesos per dollar.

In relation to the representatives of Morena responsible for disclosing the successes of the Fourth Transformation, the leader of Tabasco rejected any sign of preference and declared that all those involved agreed to and approved the regulations established by the Political Council of the party.

“The six of us are professional politicians and we know that if we accept the rules, we must abide by them and respect the process and its results; we have full freedom to spread, from our own point of view, what the Fourth Transformation is and the importance of its continuing in Mexico”, he commented.

However, he stressed the existence of interests and defenders of a "dirty war", mentioning as an example the tactics carried out against him by Televisa. The former head of the Ministry of the Interior claimed that there are individuals paid to defame him, which resulted in a campaign against him carried out by the aforementioned media company.

In relation to the call by Mario Delgado, leader of Morena, to withdraw the flashy ads, Adán Augusto considered that he was late, since he presented his complaints long before the call made by the leader of the Guinda party. He even exhibited some proof of these accusations.

With the informative meeting held this Thursday, the potential presidential candidate of Morena accumulated more than 60 events, where he promised to work for the consolidation of the Fourth Transformation in the country.


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