Sri Lankan government blocks network access during curfew | News

The Sri Lankan Executive ordered this Saturday the blocking of access to the social networks most used by the population, in the midst of the curfew measure that was taken in the face of massive mobilizations in the country.


Sri Lanka declares state of emergency over protests

According to the Government, this new measure seeks to combat disinformation and acts of violence and hatred. At the same time, they detail that the blocked sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and You Tube.

Last Friday, massive mobilizations began in the country as a result of the increase in inflation of 18.7 percentage points, which represents the sixth monthly record in a row, in addition, food prices increased by 30.1 percent.

For his part, the president of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, pointed out that the measure of the curfew was decreed after the acts of violence, “the situation requires invoking laws that empower the security services with broad authority,” he said.

Although no details have been given about the acts of repression, video on networks published alleged security attacks against protesters with tear gas and water cannons, as well as the arrest of at least 52 people.