Sports crisis in Chivas: not even playing with one more could they score against Pachuca in a game that ended goalless


Las Chivas de Guadalajara continues to have serious problems to be able to score in what has been a start to oblivion in the 2022 Opening of the MX League, since the herd could not take advantage of their numerical superiority against Pachuca and even missed a penalty in what was a bitter goalless draw.

With the tie, against Pachuca, Chivas have so far signed five draws in six commitments, Some numbers that are beginning to alarm, especially since Ricardo Cadena’s team is having a hard time converting goals.

Despite the equality between the herd and the tuzos, the commitment ended with controversy because Chivas was awarded a penalty that Alexis Vega could not specify and Pachuca was not whistled one where everyone protested, which could mean the winning goal.

With the tie, there are already six commitments in which Chivas cannot win (5 draws and 1 loss), calling into question the continuity of Ricardo Cadena in command of the sacred herd.

Before the end of the first period, Pachuca suffered the expulsion of Óscar Murillo, who gave Sebastián Pérez Bouquet a strong challenge.

Despite the fact that Chivas played more than 45 minutes, the goal was completely closed and Óscar Ustari extinguished any threat from the sacred herd to draw a positive draw for Pachuca but very worrying for Chivas.

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