Sports Administrative Court disqualifies Luis Rubiales for three years, after kissing Jenni Hermoso

Sports Administrative Court disqualifies Luis Rubiales for three years, after
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He Sports Administrative Court (TAD) this Friday disqualified for a total of three years Luis Rubialesformer president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), for the kiss without consent he gave to Jenni Hermoso and his gesture in the box of touching his genitals after the Final of the Women's Soccer World Cup in Australia and New Zealand 2023, as revealed by the portal Iusport.

It must be remembered that the TAD already partially upheld the complaint presented by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) on September 1 and agreed to open disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales for two infractions that it classified as serious against sporting decorum, although it ruled out the very serious one. of abuse of authority.

Luis Rubiales, former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

The court proposed two sanctions, each one of one year and six months, for considering both actions as serious infractions of the Sports Law and the sports discipline legislation, while the former federation president, as announced last Monday Europa Pressrequested the filing and dismissal of this file.

In its appeal, Rubiales' defense argued that these sanctions 'do not correspond' with the reasoning in the rest of the text of the proposed resolution, since, on the contrary, they appear 'disconnected' and project an 'arbitrary' and 'request'. unjustified', so it is considered that the sanction should be, in the worst case, a warning, fine or disqualification of three or six months.

This disqualification for three years for the former president of the RFEF and the Association of Spanish Footballers is added to that ruled by the FIFA Disciplinary Commission on October 30 for the exercise of any activity related to football, at national and international level. for the kiss on the Madrid forward, an act for which he had already been provisionally suspended at the end of last August for 90 days. Rubiales, who presented his resignation as head of the RFEF on September 10, announced that he would appeal this decision.

Jenni Hermoso.

(With information from EFE)

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