Special video program | ‘Questions and answers about the War in Ukraine’ after a month of invasion | Videos

This Thursday, March 24, marks a month since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the conflict generates countless questions. From the type of weapons that are being used to possible future scenarios, how long the war will last or what will happen to Vladimir Putin. To answer many of these questions, EL PAÍS has offered a live video program in which the drift of this war has been addressed.

Under the title War in Ukraine, questions and answers, the program has served to answer some of the questions that the readers of the newspaper had sent through social networks. Presented by Carlos de Vega, it has had the analyzes of the journalists Lucía Abellán, editor-in-chief of EL PAÍS International (between 2012 and 2018 she was a correspondent in Brussels and later a diplomatic correspondent attached to the Spain section); Lluís Bassets, columnist for the newspaper (and author, among others, of the books The year of the Revolution and The great shame. Rise and fall of the myth of Jordi Pujol); and Guillermo Altares, special envoy to conflict zones (such as Iraq and Afghanistan) and editor-in-chief of the newspaper’s Culture (since the beginning of the war, he has been part of the EL PAÍS coordination team on information from Ukraine).

The program has also included the testimonies of the special envoys of EL PAÍS (María R. Sahuquillo and Luis de Vega) and Cadena SER (Nicolás Castellanos) to the conflict, and a report that will summarize in images what has been this first month of war.