Spanish prosecutor accuses Luis Rubiales of sexual assault in the Jennifer Hermoso case

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Mexico.-The Spanish Prosecutor's Office presented a complaint this Friday against Luis Rubiales, for the possible crimes of sexual assault and coercion for the forced kiss of Jennifer Hermoso.

The case of Luis Rubiales continues to cause something to talk about, because despite having been temporarily suspended from his position, now the Spanish Prosecutor's Office accuses him of sexual assault.

This comes after last September 5, the player appeared before the prosecutor and made her complaint against Rubiales, who, according to her statement, the kiss occurred without her consent.

The Spanish Prosecutor's Office filed a complaint against Luis Rubiales about the non-consensual kiss of Jennifer Hermoso.

Luis Rubiales will face the charge of sexual assault and coercion against the player Jennifer Hermoso, derived from the kiss he gave her in the celebration after winning the World Cup and the media pressure that the soccer player suffered.

"The prosecutor requests that a statement be taken from Luis Rubiales, as an investigator, and from Jenni Hermoso as a victim," the Prosecutor's Office said in a statement.

Likewise, it requests that information be collected from the Australian authorities on the classification of crimes against sexual freedom in their criminal regulations.

It should be noted that the complaint that Jennifer Hermoso made against Rubiales was essential so that the Prosecutor's Office could direct the judicialization of the case.

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Following the complaint by the Spanish Prosecutor's Office against Luis Rubiales, the manager could receive a severe punishment according to the crime of sexual assault provided for in article 178 of the Spanish Penal Code, which provides for penalties of one to four years in prison.

Although the court can impose the lower half of the prison sentence (from one year to two and a half years) or a fine of eighteen to twenty-four months taking into account “the lesser nature of the fact and the personal circumstances of the guilty party.”

Likewise, it considers that the facts fall within a crime of coercion, also punishable.

By Armando Gálvez


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