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With the purpose of presenting their proposals to govern the next four years, the political groups of Spain began this Friday the electoral campaign prior to the general elections on July 23.


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The current President of the Spanish Government and Socialist Secretary General, Pedro Sánchez, has asked for the "confidence" of the voters to "advance" after the elections, even those who have never opted for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE).

For his part, the leader of the Popular Party (PP, right), Alberto Núñez has traveled to the town of Os Peares, where he grew up, to ask the Spanish for a political change that places a Galician "boy born in a village" in La Moncloa (seat of the Government).

In turn, the candidate for the left-wing platform Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, started the electoral campaign in her native Galicia, where she asked for a vote to "win rights" and to "have a progressive government."

Meanwhile, from El Egido, in Almería, the leader of Vox (ultra-right), Santiago Abascal, has extended his hand to Alberto Núñez to constitute a government alternative to the PSOE, despite the fact that he considers that the PP candidate is "decentred ” and makes “extravagant” proposals.

As part of these days prior to the elections, the President of the Government and the leader of the Popular Party are expected to lead a "face to face" debate next Monday at Atresmedia on four thematic blocks: economy, social policy and equality, pacts and governance, as well as State, institutional and international policies.

According to Spanish law, the electoral campaign begins 16 days before the elections, ending this time at 00:00 on Saturday, July 22, when the day of reflection begins, prior to the appointment at the polls and in which propaganda cannot be disseminated or any act of campaign carried out.

The general elections in Spain, on this occasion, will have the particularity that they will be held in July, one of the holiday months par excellence, which is why thousands of citizens have already opted for voting by mail.

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