Spanish carriers maintain strike due to lack of response | News

The president of the National Platform in Defense of Transport in Spain, Manuel Hernández, declared this Sunday that they will continue with the strike that they have been leading for almost two weeks until the Administration responds to the demands of the sector.


Spanish carriers protest for the eleventh consecutive day

The union leader asserted that the situation in the sector is very serious due to the increase in fuels and because the contracting payments for their services are low, they do not cover the high operating costs, so they constantly face losses.

Hernández explained that since October 2021 they warned that “if measures were not put in place to prevent contracting at a loss (…), the sector was finally going to collapse.”

At the same time, Hernández pointed out that the subsequent crisis has to do with institutional neglect and that they were not listened to despite the fact that they continue to negotiate, “five months have passed and the Administration has not taken this seriousness into account. It costs us less money to be unemployed than to work. The situation is chaotic,” he said.

Hernández considered that the Administration “has sufficient tools to articulate any decree and any law that respond to the demands of the sector and in this way be able to start and be able to work, which is our maximum will.”

In that sense, he considered that contracting must be organized in such a way as to eliminate bad practices that remain, which allow an intermediary to take the money that the carrier should actually collect, he said.

He asserted that the Administration has to work in the right direction and unblock the negotiation. He stressed that the carriers are not asking for handouts or subsidies, since they have to eat every day, he said.

He also valued last Friday’s meeting between the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, and the National Committee for Road Transport (to which the National Platform in Defense of Transport does not belong).

At that meeting, the Government announced aid to the sector for more than 1,050 million euros (1,153 million dollars), which includes a reduction until June 30 of 20 cents per liter in fuel

In this regard, Hernández considered that the negotiation had made no progress, that everything was based on promises and that the price of fuel will continue to rise, which will make the discount of 20 cents per liter seem like a handout, he said.

The union leader also asked the carriers to resist until a government decree is issued that structures the contracting and puts an end to the possibility that they continue to exploit them by contracting them below cost.

Almost two weeks after its start, the carriers’ strike has significantly affected the supply chain of various goods.