Spanish Ambassador agrees to promote tourism and investment in Michoacán

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The governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, and the Spanish ambassador to Mexico, Juan Duarte Cuadrado, They agreed on actions to attract greater investment to the state and strengthen tourismbeing an entity with great potential and attractiveness for foreign visitors.

"In Michoacán we have opportunities for growth and together with companies, the spirit and confidence for investment has grown, we have large investments on the horizon that will put the state at the forefront and position us as a better tourist destination," said the governor. .

Ramírez Bedolla pointed out that, in terms of tourism, the most recent results, which correspond to the summer of 2023, show that More than one million 300 thousand tourists and visitors chose Michoacán as a vacation destination.

An increase of 11.48 percent was recorded compared to the previous periodwhich left an economic benefit of 2.4 billion pesos, which represents 8 percent more than in the same period of 2022.

These results, he explained, tThey have an upward projection in the immediate futuregiven that the Morelia international film and music festivals, and the Night of the Dead celebration, are on the horizon.

In parallel form high-impact investments were announced as the comprehensive commercial complex Morelia Sphere and the construction of the longest cable car in Latin America in the municipality of Uruapan, where “the latter alone is estimated to generate 500 thousand new tourists and 750 million more pesos in economic benefits.”

The Michoacan president explained the logistical and competitive advantages of the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, of industrial parks under development such as Eleva Park in Tarímbaro and the one planned for the Island of La Palma, as axes of opportunity for investors with the window of entry to the United States and Canada markets.

Meanwhile, the ambassador of Spain in Mexico, was interested in the agricultural export industry of Michoacán, and cultural and tourist dissemination, highlighting the career of Don Vasco de Quiroga; He also proposed working collaboratively to expand water coverage in the entity, and provide training on security and migration.

In the meeting in which embassy counselors also participated, the interest in coordinating strategies for business development was sharedas well as participation in infrastructure projects, clean energy, water sanitation, security, education, indigenous communities and tourism.


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