Spain reports temperature records in the Mediterranean Sea | News


The Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet) reported on Friday that some regions of the country near the Mediterranean Sea registered temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius due to the third heat wave that is hitting Spanish territory.


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The entity indicated that the temperature of the coastal waters of the south and east of Spain are between 2.5 and four degrees Celsius, exceeding the usual markers in the summer season.

In addition, in the peninsular southeast the rise in Mediterranean temperatures is greater, since in the first days of August they marked 29 degrees, three or four degrees above the ordinary record.

Among the consequences of the warming of sea water, the Aemet pointed out the proliferation of algae and jellyfish on the beaches, tropical and even hot nights in coastal areas, due to the lack of breeze and the increase in humidity in the air.

Accordingly, the researcher from the University of Vigo, Marcos Fontela, stressed that climate change is also a determining factor in high water temperatures, loss of oxygen and acidification, which are detrimental to biodiversity and ecosystems.

Spain is not the only country affected by high temperatures, in some areas of the Italian coast, the temperature of the Mediterranean rose up to five degrees above the norm, due to the incidence of the sun that excessively heats the sea surface.

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