Spain offers nationality to political prisoners exiled from Nicaragua

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He Spanish executive offered Spanish nationality to the Nicaraguan political prisoners released by the government of President Daniel Ortega and deported to the US, a gesture from Spain highly valued by the former presidential candidate Juan Sebastian Chamorro on behalf of those affected.

The offer was announced by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albaresin statements to Servimedia and later confirmed to EFE by ministerial sources.

The offer of Spanish nationality is made extended to political prisoners who are still being held in Nicaraguan prisons who will be stripped of their nationality by the Ortega government for being accused of "treason against the homeland."

Juan Sebastián Chamorro, released and expelled to the US, thanked on behalf of the 222 deported prisoners the offer of nationality made by Spain.

“I am sure that many of the political prisoners they will see this as an option“, he pointed out in a virtual press conference from Washington, in which he thanked Spain for having worked intensely in recent years for the democratization of Nicaragua.

Although they received a humanitarian permit that will allow them to live and work in the United States for two years, Nicaraguans are stateless after the Ortega government announced that it was stripping them of their nationality "for traitors to the homeland."

Chamorro, accompanied by the also former presidential candidate Félix Maradiagaalso released yesterday, thanked all the civil organizations and governments that have shown them support in the months they have spent in prison (twenty in the case of both).


"The gratitude to Spain is particular because it took up the issue of political prisoners and democratization many years before and has shown that commitment to Nicaragua and Nicaraguans," he said.

It is a “generous offer” that “full of hope”he commented, and although they have only been out of prison for a few hours, they are already analyzing it.

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"There are a couple who have relatives in Spain and I am sure that it is an extremely important humanitarian action and I am extremely glad that the initiative has been taken that shows the importance of the international concert of countries working for political and human rights," he said. .

The United States, in turn, said this Friday that it is in contact with Spain to make it easier for political prisoners deported from Nicaragua to apply for Spanish nationality if they wish.

We have been in communication with Spain. There is the possibility that some will explore offers from other countries,” Emily Mendrala, deputy assistant secretary of state for Latin America, said in a telephone press conference.

Mendrala explained that the 222 prisoners who arrived in Washington on Thursday are already beneficiaries of a humanitarian program to remain in the United States for two years, but their future will depend "on the situation and preference of each one."

The State Department will facilitate travel so that exacerbated prisoners can reunite with their families in different parts of the United States.

It also offers legal assistance so that those released, who were stripped of their Nicaraguan nationality, can "choose the options that make the most sense for them," including the opportunity to go to Spain.

The Nicaraguan authorities expelled to the United States this Thursday a group of 222 political prisoners (several Europeans), including five priests, whom they disqualified for life from holding public or popularly elected office and stripped of their nationality, declaring them stateless.

Seven of them tried to dispute the Presidency with the current president, Daniel Ortega, and all were expelled to the United States "as traitors to the country."

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