Spain. High school student stabs teachers and classmate

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A 14-year-old student was arrested this Thursday after injuring three teachers and a student with a knife at an institute in Jerez de la Frontera, a city in southern Spain, they informed EFE police sources.

The events occurred in Elena García Armada Institute and the student was a third-year student of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO).

The student was detained by the police at the same center, when He was still carrying the two knives he used to commit the attack.. Being over 14 years old is already liable for crimes, according to Spanish law.

A police spokesman explained that, for now, the reasons are unknown for which this minor attacked teachers and classmates with two knives that he carried in his backpack, according to witnesses.

The attack occurred shortly after classes began and, according to a student in an adjoining classroom, the student went angrily to the back of the class, where his backpack was, took two knives and began to attack indiscriminately.

The aggressor hit the teacher in the eye who was in the classroom and He also injured two other teachers and two one of them slightly.

The three teachers and one of the students were transferred to the Jerez hospital to be treated. superficial wounds that are not serious, although one of the teachers will undergo surgerysince his injury is more complex, according to sources from the Andalusian Health Service.

The alleged aggressor, after his arrest, was transferred to the Jerez de la Frontera Police Station, where he remains in the cells until the police complete the report; Afterwards he will be placed at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.

After the attack, the high school students were taken to the courtyard, while some parents approached the center scared and nervous to find out what had happened. Many of them chose to take their children.

According to a student in the same grade as the alleged aggressor, the student "is not a problematic boy, but he is always alone, he has 'a touch'; I think he has lost his mind," he said.

A parent at the center reported that the minor had already been involved in a violent episode, such as throwing chairs in class.

Jerez border It is one of the largest towns in the region Andalusiaknown internationally for its wineries, with the famous Sherry wine, and for horse breeding.


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