Spain: After electoral bump, Pedro Sánchez advances the presidential elections

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The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced on Monday the Advancement of the general elections in Spain to Sunday, July 23or, after the bad result of its formation, the socialist party, in the municipal and regional elections on Sunday. Pedro Sánchez, in an appearance in Madrid, explained that after notifying the head of state, King Felipe VI, The formal announcement of the elections will be published this Tuesday, with the dissolution of Parliament. The head of government pointed out that this afternoon a extraordinary meeting of the Executive, a coalition made up of Sánchez's socialist PSOE party and the left-wing formation Unidas Podemos. Sánchez stated that the electoral advance, since the legislature ended in December, obeys the results in the elections on Sunday for town halls and various regional governments, which have led to the loss of institutional power for the socialists.

These elections certified a turn to the right in Spain, with the victory of the conservative Popular Party (PP). The President of the Executive assumed "in first person" these resultsin which voters sent "a message that goes beyond" municipal and regional governments. "The best thing is that the Spanish take the floor and pronounce themselves", he asserted, after observing that numerous local and regional institutions will be governed by new majorities made up of conservatives and the extreme right of Vox, which also improved its results on Sunday. "I think it is necessary to give an answer and submit our democratic mandate” to the ballot box, He stressed, after stressing that his government complied with its program and Spain is about to overcome the crisis resulting from the pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, in a context of economic growth and job creation.

Photo: EFE

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