SpaceX launches seeds to grow tomatoes in space

astronauts have already grown and tasted different types of lettuce, radishes and chili peppers

Photo: NASA/Getty Images

The company Space Xfounded by Elon Musk, is preparing to bring a new shipment of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) this weekend and among them includes tomato seeds.

In addition to the seeds, the mission lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida this Saturday afternoon, led to the ISS new solar panels for the space station and a series of scientific experiments.

the dragon ship he also carries sweets and typical Thanksgiving food, so that the crew members commemorate that date in space.

According to CNN, the shipment of tomato seeds is part of a NASA program that seeks to provide a continuous production of fresh food to astronauts in space.

Currently on the space station fresh produce is in short supplywhen compared to the packaged meals that astronauts consume almost daily during their six-month stays.

Seeds of dwarf tomatoes are expected to grow in space under two different light treatments to measure the impact on the number of tomatoes that can be harvested, as well as the nutritional value and flavor of the fruits.

The seeds they will be cultivated inside small bags called plant pads installed in the Vegetable Production System.

According to the plans, the tomatoes could be ready for your first taste test already late in the spring 2023.The crew expects to harvest the tomatoes 90, 97 and 104 days after the plants start to grow.

Fresh foods that are already grown in space

Before tomatoes, astronauts have already grown and tested different types of lettuce, radishes and chilies for your salads on the International Space Station.

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