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Ruben Cortes.

Unless we have missed something, Mexico today is making the mistake of Cuba yesterday: handing over the formation of the man of the future to mediocre men. So a certain Max Arriaga has decided that our children be indoctrinated.

Until now, few knew from under which stone Arriaga had emerged. But, suddenly, it is the official who decides what the Mexicans of tomorrow will be like and, furthermore, that the teachers who teach them are not evaluated, but that they self-evaluate.

Who is Marx Arriaga? He is, in fact, the true secretary of the SEP, although his position is that of Director of Educational Materials of the Ministry of Public Education. From that position, he determines how Mexican children should be educated.

And he decided it, as he himself has said, according to the theory of the ideologue of Soviet communism, Mijail Bakhtin, author of the book Marxism and philosophy of language (1929). Following Bajjin’s method, he had the new textbooks made for our children.

In a country where 70 percent leave elementary school without reading fluently or understanding texts, Arriaga focuses on ideological fevers, and removes words like “competence”, “efficiency” and “productivity” from books.

Yes, according to SEP parameters, primary school graduates should read 125-134 words per minute and secondary school graduates 155-160, but only three out of 10 are within the reading and comprehension standard.

Arriaga’s idea to educate these children and adolescents is that they prepare themselves in schools to “share” and not to “compete”, to coexist, well. Also, that they do not take exams and thus do not feel pressure to advance according to their academic index.

The main task of Mexican children, under the guidance of Arriaga, is to align their school goals with the purposes of the self-called “Fourth Transformation”: that is, with the thoughts and actions of their boss, the current President of the Republic.

Thanks to Arriaga’s idea, the teachers who teach Mexican children have to behave like “social leaders” and not fool around, like passing evaluations to measure their professional abilities.

Arriaga considers that Mexican teachers waste a lot of time on homework, presentations and exams, so proposes a self-assessment to “examine one’s own practices and the meaning with which they are carried out”, whatever that means.

The country is facing a drop in enrollment in the different educational systems: almost two million students dropped out of school during the two years of the pandemic, due to a lack of face-to-face classes.

And an emotional political teenager shows up with the solution, taken from a 1929 Soviet book called Marxism and philosophy of language.

We are in those.

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