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The epidemic of mass shootings that has spread in the United States in recent weeks has registered a new outbreak in Philadelphia. At least three people have died and another 11 have been injured during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday in an attack in the city of brotherly love.

A group of armed men fired on the crowd on South Street, very close to the historic center and one of the main entertainment areas of the largest city in the State of Pennsylvania, according to the authorities. A police officer who was in the area opened fire on one of the shooters, who dropped his gun and fled. The identity of the attackers, who managed to escape, has not yet been established.

The names of the deceased have not been revealed either, although it is known that they are two men (one of them 25 years old) and a woman, 22. “There were hundreds of people walking down South Street, like every weekend. week,” a Philadelphia police spokesman told local WCAU television. “It was chaos,” a witness told the newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer. “People came in from the street with blood stains on their shoes. We were gathering napkins, wetting them and passing them around to clean the wounds.”

Another, named Joe Smith, 23, has told the Inquirer: “When it started, I thought it was not going to stop.” Smith was standing outside a theater when the barrage of gunfire began to rain at about 11:30 p.m.

The attack comes at the end of a week in which four people were killed by a killer who stormed Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, looking for the doctor who had operated on his back, who apparently hadn’t. been able to mitigate the pain of the intervention. With an assault rifle that he had bought that same day, last Wednesday, he also killed another doctor, a receptionist and a patient who was waiting in the consultation room. He later committed suicide.

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Memories of two other mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, are also fresh. In the Texas town, an 18-year-old Salvador Ramos killed 19 Robb Elementary School students and two of their teachers before taking his own life. In the city of Western New York State, Payton Gendron, intoxicated by theories close to white supremacism, showed up at a popular supermarket in an African-American neighborhood with the intention of “killing blacks.” He killed 10 with an AR-15 style weapon. Gendron is in jail awaiting trial.

A ban on such weapons, designed for war and highly lethal, is one of the measures that President Joe Biden demanded of lawmakers in a dramatic prime-time address to the nation last Thursday. He also called for the marketing of high-capacity cartridges to be restricted and for the legal age to purchase a gun to be raised from 18 to 21 at the federal level. Statistics indicate that many of these events, to which a powerful contagion effect is attributed, are carried out by young men.

According to the Gun Violence Archive website, the one in Philadelphia is the 235th mass shooting so far this year in the United States. And it does not even count as the last: this past morning there have also been such events in Phoenix (Arizona; one dead and eight injured), El Paso (Texas; no dead and five injured) and Ecorse (Michigan; four injured).

After the one in Tulsa, this independent agency has registered six attacks of this type. If the account is made from the mass shooting of Uvalde, the one with the greatest media prominence of the last batch, the statistic has been reproduced 26 times (to appear as massive, a shooting has to reach a minimum of four people, without include the attacker, and that they are not members of the same family).

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