South Korea announces sanctions on hackers after failed satellite launch

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The government of South Korea announced sanctions against the North Korean hacker group Kimsuky on Friday, two days after the failed satellite launch of military reconnaissance that fell in the Yellow Sea.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry indicated that the designated group is a division of the main directorate of military intelligence from North Koreareports the news agency yonhap.

In addition, accuse Kimsuky to collect information on individuals and institutions of diplomacy, security and national defense with the aim of providing it to the Pyongyang authorities.

The group also committed to acquiring cutting-edge technologies related to the development of weapons, satellites and space technology around the world. He also reportedly contributed directly or indirectly to North Korea's satellite development project.

US and South Korean security agencies issued a cyber security alert to warn the international community about the illegal activities of this group.

The joint advisory provides information on hacking techniques and recommends taking precautions against suspicious activity to prevent potential harm.

The sanctions They are the first unilateral attacks against the piracy group. It represents the eighth package of unilateral sanctions against North Korea since Yoon Suk Yeol became president in May 2022.

North Korea posted various photographs of its failed launch. The snapshots, published by the state news agency KCNA, show the moment of takeoff of the new North Korean space rocketChollima-1, carrying the North Korean regime's first military reconnaissance satellite, Malligyong-1.

The launch was unsuccessful due to an anomaly in the engines. during the detachment of the rocket, according to the North Korean media, which caused it to crash in the waters of the Yellow Sea, specifically about 200 kilometers west of the South Korean island of Eocheong.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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