Souls wander in Pénjamo; legends of Guanajuato

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Almost 20 years have passed since a family offered two of their daughters to the supposed apparition of the Virgin of Fatima, as a sacrifice to combat the forces of evil. Although this family was locked up to purge the crime, there are still doubts about what happened that frozen day in a hamlet in the corners of the Sierra de Pénjamo, south of Guanajuato.

Officially, the murder of two girls, one 13 years old and the other just six months old, was caused by substance consumption and a strange collective hallucination; however, years after the event, those convicted continued to see the devil in the hallways of the prison.

According to lawyers and workers from the Security Secretariat that manages the Penitentiary System and who were close to the case, the convicted people not only continued to see indescribable beings behind bars that made them hysterical, but there was also a "strange smell of sulfur."

The official version of events convinced few. The Guanajuato Prosecutor's Office only determined that it was a collective hallucination that led to the sacrifice of the girls.

The residents of the community of El Tigre, and the inhabitants of the scattered homes that make up El Calabozo, are afraid to approach the place of the murder, since they claim that "shadows" are moving, children's cries can be heard that make the mountains tremble, and that A being that they consider to be the devil also appears.

Even the rescuers, police officers and even journalists who were present that day do not rule out, although it may sound extravagant, supernatural events.

On the afternoon of December 5, 2005, a man notified the Municipal Police of Pénjamo that among the mountains that border Michoacán and Jalisco, a group of people in a trance had murdered their children.

No one would have known about this crazy nightmare had it not been for the fact that, in the distance, a neighbor heard desperate screams and ran for miles to find help.

Although different versions of the events circulate among the people of this municipality, what is fully documented is that eight adults were sentenced to sentences of between 27 and 55 years in prison, while one more remains confined in an asylum. The authorities managed to rescue 11 minors alive.

“Since what happened happened, I think we are cursed. It's over. There were people and they left. What happens is that the devil walks here.”

The data


  • In El Calabozo there is no electricity and its inhabitants also lack drinking water, so they depend on the water that circulates through a ravine.

Gastronomic syncretism

Chef Juan Manuel Rodríguez González managed to mix the perfect ingredients of Mexican and Italian cuisine to fuse them and create a pizza that evokes the tradition of the Day of the Dead.

With tamale leaf ashes (totomoxtle) that give a dark color to the dough and represents the earth, the traditional Neapolitan pizza took part, also decorating it with marigold flower.

This special edition is a tribute to the deceased and evokes in the flavors the memory of those who are no longer with two great cuisines: Mexican and Italian.

Rodríguez González, who has sympathies with Gothic culture, highlighted the importance of reinterpreting traditions and offering diners a little of Mexico and Italy.

Ximena Mejia

Tradition and hubbub fill the streets of Oaxaca

By Alberto López

Monumental altars dedicated to those who are no longer on this existential plane, who, according to tradition, return from the afterlife to enjoy a moment with their loved ones, processions and dances are part of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca, a state that maintains its roots and defends its customs.

During the broadcast of Image News With Francisco Zea, details were presented about the celebration of All Saints and All Souls in Oaxaca, a peculiar tradition of Mexico that, in each of its states, is carried out in a different way, becoming a good pretext to remember those beings who In life they shared unforgettable moments.

In the case of Oaxacans, they celebrate the Day of the Dead tradition in a big way, with rituals, processions, visits to the pantheons, creation of handmade masks that simulate characters from the underworld, dances, music, drinks, special food, and even , burning of the so-called bulls, figures created with pyrotechnics that awaken adrenaline among the living.

The entity has deep-rooted customs that are considered ancient, which have been fused into a cultural syncretism, mainly through religious rites, where the spiritual and identity are mixed with symbolisms that are respected and passed from generation to generation.

In the case of altars or offerings, the number of levels is important. They can be three, five or seven, and they represent the path taken to the other world.

Without a doubt, Oaxaca is one of the states of the Mexican Republic that attracts the most attention to experience a Day of the Dead, because, although it maintains representations that require restraint, it is also an opportunity for the hubbub and joy of the living. rise afloat and remember those who left this earthly plane, revealed Ángeles, a resident of El Calabozo.


To your appointment with the newspaper

This day Death arrives,

with this literary honor

We know you have fun.

Texts by: Olimpia Ávila


President of the Mexican Republic

Five years of government

The Grim Reaper arrived at the Palace

with his everlasting staff

walking very slowly.


He crossed fences and guards

He sneaked in in the morning,

through the locks

There was no one to stop her.


“Andrés, I'm waiting for you,”

whispered around the corners,

"The hour is approaching,

"Las Golondrinas are already playing."


Stalked by Death

The Tabasco native does not give up,

the more hours the better you invest,

He leaves nothing to chance.


Everything will be over,

hurry up to the works

and secure his legacy

while La Fría supervises


Coordinator of the defense of the 4T

Dressed in cherry color

It goes through states,

she never gives up

nor of private acts.


Never miss an event,

He is carrying his flag,

always with movement,

true transformation.


Follow the coordinator,

survey winner

who, as a defender,

everything will have an answer.


“It is Claudia” says her cloak,

with the famous silhouette,

even in the cemetery

She always wears it proudly.


Time invested in the campaign,

She is a good organizer

Well, by Sheinbaum it is Death

the biggest fan.


PAN Senator

Covered by the Front

for the big one is emerging,

but it needs people

Let him line up at the polls.


Traveling from house to house,

with the votes in mind,

the panista doesn't get tired

of his latent campaign.


He appeared in hell,

mounted on his bicycle.

After a brotherly hug

the chant began.


“Leave the jellies now,”

the Grim Reaper reproached him,

“with that alone you don't hit the mark

“If you want to be the leader.”


Together they built the route

to get to the palace,

ready for dispute

They are starting slowly.


Rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Bedbugs took over

of the classrooms and halls,

Cougars throwing tantrums

they took facilities.


Meanwhile in the Rectory

the catwalk began,

They took out the infantry,

He marched school by school.


Fed up with so much disgust,

Graue called Calaca.

“It seems very unfair to me,

Better take me now, Flaca.”


“It's not time,” she told him,

“the days keep counting,

all this month I demand you

that you keep fumigating.”


From visits to markets

and meals with people

they ended up annoyed,

none will be President.


The calaca found them

licking their wounds,

his Polish worries

They sounded familiar to him.


“Stop making a fuss,”

he ordered the former chancellor,

“La Flaca already rubbed them,

"I had nothing to do with it."


The unfortunate ones left,

They preferred the scythe,

in Mictlán, refugees,

They will finally have their campaign.


Citizen movement leader

Tie and perfumed

Dante was waiting for Death,

I had sent a note

that his luck was going to change.


Two applicants planned,

but it was just a trick,

with the Grim Reaper he counted

to get on the ballot.


La Flaca arrived at the appointment,

He greeted her anxiously:

“What the country needs,

I can gladly give it to you.”


“Don't be fooled, Dante, friend,

You're not up for those trots anymore.

I'm going to take you with me,

"Forget those myths."


With your dream trampled

heading to the underworld,

his party, abandoned,

He also looks dying.

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