Son of Juan Osorio and Niurka will play "El Potrillo" in a bioseries by Vicente Fernández prepared by Televisa

A few days ago it was officially announced that Televisa and Univision are already preparing a series that will narrate the life of Vicente Fernández, which will be based on the book "El Último Rey" written by Argentine journalist Olga Wornat.

As part of this news, rumors have also emerged about the possible protagonists, where names such as Pablo Montero have come to light to give life to the great "Charro de Huentitán", while the one in charge of interpreting his son, Alejandro Fernández, could be Emilio Osorio.

Although up to now there are no more details about this project, the journalist Jorge Ugalde revealed during the program 'Con Permiso', on the Unicable channel, that The son of producer Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos will play the singer Alejandro Fernández.

Likewise, it has been mentioned that the production of the biographical series that until now has the tentative name 'The Son of the People' will be in charge of Juan Osorio, so it is expected that in the next few days the official announcement of the cast that will participate will be made.

However, the annoyance of some Internet users was not long in coming, as they argued that said news was to be expected, because as in each project headed by Juan Osorio, an important piece is his son Emilio.

If I didn't have a producer dad, would that boy have a job?“, “The same case as Sergio Mayer Mori“, “Oh this zero talented boy“, “Only in the novels that his father produces does he appear“, “Too bad Juan Osorio“, “So much young actor who deserves an opportunity for important roles and they come to put him“, are just some messages that are read on social networks.

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