Solomon Chertorivski demands that Mexico show its solidarity with Ukraine in the face of Russian invasion

Mexico.- Deputy Salomón Chertorivski Woldenberg (MC) demanded that Mexico show its solidarity that has always characterized it, with Ukraine, in the face of Russia’s attack against this country.

He argued that in a situation like the one we are experiencing, it goes beyond a greater geopolitical analysis of the region, since it is clear that one country is attacking another.

“In that sense, we should not have the slightest doubt that the solidarity of Mexicans has to be with a people that is being invaded. There is not a war between two nations, there is an invasion of a sovereign country and that requires our absolute solidarity”, he asserted.

In statements to the press, he reported on the meeting he had this morning with the Ukrainian ambassador in Mexico, to whom he extended an invitation to hold a meeting in the Chamber of Deputies, so that she can share information on the situation that you live in your country.

The MC deputy lamented that the scenes of exodus in Europe, due to war, violence and massacres continue to repeat themselves hundreds of years later.

He shared that 100 years ago, his great-grandfather, fleeing violence and war, was the first to arrive at the port of Veracruz, after escaping from the Ukraine and passing through Poland, France and from there taking a boat to arrive first at La Havana and later to Veracruz.

The other part of my family, he continued, left Odessa through the Black Sea, was in Istanbul, Turkey and from there they embarked to reach Mexico.

“Mexico has been a supportive and generous country with migrations, the Jewish migration from Europe, which is where my great-grandparents came from, but let’s think about the Lebanese, the Argentine, the Uruguayan. Today we have Haitians, Central Americans and most likely we will have Ukrainians, let us be that supportive and generous people that welcomed other generations of migrants”, she stressed.

Salomón Chertorivski insisted that what the world is experiencing today should call for solidarity and understand that beyond Ukrainians and Mexicans, we are human beings and there are people who are having a hard time, who are suffering and it is time to extend an arm of solidarity.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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