Solari's assistant described the criticism for the poor results of America as "drama"

Gilberto Adame (r), assistant to Club América coach Santiago Solari, gives instructions to Jonathan Dos Santos (l) before the midfielder enters the field.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

Given the sanction of coach Santiago Solari, it was Gilberto Adame (assistant) who faced the press after the tough 0-2 local defeat against the current Liga MX champion, Atlas de Guadalajara.

The first thing that the technical assistant referred to were his positive impressions of the behavior of the players on the field of play, in which kept more than 55% possession and created more danger facing the opposite goal.

“We are calm because the team showed another face. We are working to take the team to the top”, said Adame, compared to the first day of the Clausura 2022 of Liga MX when they tied 1-1 against Pumas.

But as his statements advanced, Solari's number 2 was letting it be known with transparency what he thinks in the coaching staff and issued a message of calm to the anxious Americanist fanatic who wants an important title.

“They are making a drama where it does not exist (…) the previous tournament we were super leaders, we were the defense with the fewest goals. We have a squad to fight for the title."

Gilberto Adame

Another factor that played against the Eagles was the expulsion of Federico Viñas at 78', which forced them to withdraw a bit in their quest to avoid defeat. About this Adame did not speak much, did not want to criticize the arbitration work to avoid problems.

Likewise, he described the result as “misleading” since in his opinion it was his superior team on the court: “They kicked us twice on goal (…) the result is misleading because they hit the goal twice and both went in. We were superior."

The led or the championship? America's clear goal

Adame was also consulted in the press room about the specific objective of Club América. Although the title is the best, what would be the expectation of the coaching staff and players led by Santiago Solari.

And once again the assistant did not hold his tongue and detracted from finishing first in the regular phase and then being "thrown out" of the quarterfinals of the league, as it happened in the Opening 2021.

“Promising would be lying to them, I cannot make such a commitment. I can't tell him 'we're going to be super leaders' and then they kick us out in the quarterfinals. So it is better not to be super leaders and take the 14 Cup”

But what the former footballer did make clear is the commitment of the squad: "I know that with the work and capacity of the group we will achieve the first objective which is the league and then the championship".


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