Sofía Vergara was seen with a man who would be her new love in Paris: he is the ex-boyfriend of Luis Miguel's daughter

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Sofía Vergara has been traveling through Europe and has surprised with her company - credit @sofiavergara/Instagram

That Paris is the city of love, they say. That popular belief recently increased in the world of international celebrities when they saw Sofia Vergara sharing with a man who many point out to be the new romantic interest of the Colombian star. However, nothing has been said officially.

The Barranquilla actress was captured by the cameras next to the businessman Alejandro Asensi. Although the name is not familiar to most, the 54-year-old European was the manager of Luis Miguel for a long time and was fired by the singer after he discovered that Asensi had a relationship with the singer's daughter, Michelle Salas, 20 years his junior.

The scandal broke in 2008, when paparazzi confirmed the rumors with revealing photographs and romantic emails were leaked in which both confessed their love. At that time, the young Mexican woman was only 19 years old.

Sofía Vergara was seen in the company of Luis Miguel's former representative in France - credit @sofiavergara/Instagram
Sofía Vergara was seen in the company of Luis Miguel's former representative in France - credit @sofiavergara/Instagram

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“I would never regret anything”, “I love you my precious pussy” and “I understand that you worry about my dad but I don't care,” some of the messages read. Likewise, the artist representative and manager replied to Michelle: “As much as you think you can handle things and have them under control, when you least think about it, they get out of hand. That has happened to me with you", "I have been in a relationship for six years in which I made promises that I have not been able to keep, in which there is a lot of affection, but other things are missing”.

After that controversial love, not much was known about the Spaniard's private life. He continued to dedicate himself to executive production, writes songs and when he can he goes to play tennis. Beyond those hobbies, his current affairs have been quite an enigma, as he preferred to stay away from the spotlight.

A few days ago, the Valencian executive emerged from anonymity again when the artist from Barranquilla published a photo in the capital of France with a description that said: “Cafecito, Paris and @alejandroasen there is nothing better than this.” In the image they are both hugging in a cafeteria.

This is not the first time they have been seen together. More than 10 years ago, the Atlantic native uploaded an image of her from her Valentine's Day celebration in which she claimed to be spending the special date with “friends.” However, it may be that so many years of friendship have turned into a romance.

Sofía Vergara and Alejandro Asensi have been friends for more than a decade - credit @sofiavergara/Instagram
Sofía Vergara and Alejandro Asensi have been friends for more than a decade - credit @sofiavergara/Instagram

Although the Colombian has been very active on social networks and has kept her audience informed of the busy life she leads after her divorce from the actor Joe Manganiello In July, he had not been seen alone with a man until now.

Before this surprise date in France, the famous woman shared plans with her close circle of friends such as a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea or a concert Karol G in the U.S.

Regarding their separation, both issued a statement in which they expressed: “We have made the difficult decision to divorce. "As two people who love and care deeply for each other, we politely ask that our privacy be respected at this time as we navigate this new phase of our lives."

Later, the specialized media indicated that the breakup of the relationship occurred due to “irreconcilable differences.” It was even mentioned that she “is spending time with her friends.” after being stifled in a relationship with a largely unsupportive partner”, according to the Page Six portal.

In turn, Vergara is currently concentrating on her artistic career. The protagonist of Modern Family will be the protagonist of Griseldaa Netflix production in which she will play the renowned drug trafficker Griselda Blanco.

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