Sofia Richie and the 5 outfits that have made her an icon of the 'old money' trend

Sofia Richie.

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Frankies Bikinis

This 2023, the influencer Sofia Richie has become one of the fashion references for young women thanks to the viralization of her interesting "old money" style, A term that refers to people who have inherited wealth by combining pieces to achieve a classic aesthetic.

This is how through her Instagram account, the famous has dedicated herself to sharing a taste of the iconic looks that she wears for her day to day, among which pieces from the luxurious fashion house Chanel stand out.

As a result of her activity on social networks, Sofia Richie has managed to amass just over 10 million followers who do not miss any of her posts. Here we share the 5 outfits that have stolen the attention of Internet users.

getaway to paradise

The socialite exuded elegance and opulence by posing from Paris in front of an impressive landscape while wearing a modest white outfit, sandals and a Chanel bag that gave much to talk about for its classic style.

Classy & Chic

The 'old money' trend is not at odds with bold colours, proof of this is the set of pants and jacket with puffy sleeves that Sofia Richie wore to one of her most recent social events. Natural skin and neutral shades were the perfect complement to her look.

serene on the beach

“Afternoon in Antibes”, wrote the model and influencer to accompany the postcard in which she can be seen posing in front of the sea in a beach outfit, worthy of the catwalk. Oversized sunglasses added the ideal touch of mysticism and elegance.

flirty look

The daughter of musical legend Lionel Richie has shown that comfort is key when it comes to dressing, which is why it's no surprise to see her rock clothes that allow her to move without a problem, without compromising the opportunity to play with some fun print.

Ready to party

For the festivities that preceded her wedding, Sofia Richie gave a lot to talk about thanks to the elegant but fun little outfits from Chanel. An example of her audacity was this mini white blazer-style dress with feather appliqués on the front, incredible!

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