Sofía Castro pampers her boyfriend Pablo Bernot with a luxurious party for his 32nd birthday

Sofía Castro was very in love and thoughtful with her boyfriend Pablo Bernotwith whom he has been in a relationship for three years, because this weekend he organized a luxurious party for his 32nd birthday, which they enjoyed in the company of their friends.

The actress's heartthrob's birthday was on February 22, but they barely celebrated it, so it could be appreciated through their Instagram stories, where some details of the celebration could be appreciated.

It should be noted that The party that Sofía Castro organized for Pablo Bernot was very private and apparently in a property adorned by balloons in white and gray colors and a neon light sign that said "Let's Party”.

As for the cake that the guests savored, it was seen that it was in black with a gold sign with the message "happy birthday”.

The main table was decorated with white floating candles and flower arrangements in the same tone. Of course, mixology was not lacking in this meeting.

Sofía Castro defends Angélica Rivera for alleged waste of money

Recently Angelica Rivera and Sofía Castro were captured in one of the most exclusive shopping centers in Miami, Florida, allegedly wasting thousands of dollars.

The accessories that aroused criticism of "La Gaviota" and his daughter were two bags with prices of around 3 thousand dollars each.

However, in a meeting with the media, Sofía Castro assured that they did not buy said bags and clarified what they were doing in said luxury stores.

“I shouldn't even clarify, but that did give me courage. I am going to say why, not by entering a store we agree shoppingNot even spending a fortune. We went to the store because Pablo Bernot had to change some tennis shoes that he bought himself. We entered the store, I saw a bag and we left. From there, they invented a story for us, but the truth is that we no longer care, we know perfectly well what we do, what we are, sometimes it makes us laugh," said the actress on that occasion.

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