Social programs to convince the United States to mitigate migration: Mayor Luján

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The Secretary of the Interior, María Luisa Alcalde Luján, assured that the positive results of the social programs Sowing Life and Youth Building the Future in El Salvador and Honduras, they help convince the United States about the effectiveness of investing in people to reduce migration.

When appearing in the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of the glossing of the fifth government report of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the head of the Interior stated that these programs in both Central American countries have benefited more than 40 thousand people and generated 230 thousand jobs, cwith the vision of replicating them in Guatemala, Belize and Cuba.

“These more objective results are evidence that helps us convince the United States that there is no more effective strategy than investing in people so that they have options where their roots are, where their families are, where their customs are”held.

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Mayor Luján emphasized that Mexico has served migrants with dignity with the construction of migrant integrity centers, employment alternatives, among other actions. In addition to pointing out that Neither walls nor deportations will stop migration if people's dream is a better life.

The head of the Interior assured that The right to the truth is being guaranteed in the Ayotzinapa case. Before legislators from all parliamentary fractions, he stated that, in the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice, without torture and without fabrication of evidence, the lines of investigation have been strengthened to find the students, punish those responsible, provide justice and comfort to their familiesin addition to Mexican society knowing the truth.

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"I must emphasize that the Commission has not tortured, planted evidence, altered crime scenes or fabricated culprits; on the contrary, it has acted with ethics and humanism, diligently attending to the demands of the families of the 43, and guaranteeing the “The right that we have as a society to know the truth of these shameful events”he highlighted.

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