Social leader assassinated in Colombia, number 43 in 2022 | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) denounced this Sunday the murder of another social leader in Colombia during 2022, on this occasion the tragic event arose in the department of Cauca.


Colombia adds a new massacre in the department of Antioquia

According to Indepaz, the victim responded to the name of Richard Betancourt and was murdered near his residence located in the municipality of Argelia, “he was president of the Community Action Board of the Santa Clara de Argelia village,” they detail.

Before the assassination of the social leader was carried out, the inhabitants of the rural area had denounced the armed confrontations between the FARC dissidents and the insurgency of the National Liberation Army (ELN) before the authorities.

As a result of the constant armed confrontations between irregular groups, the Ombudsman’s Office had issued an alert for the Cauca municipalities of Argelia and El Tambo, so that the community could be protected, since they are the epicenter territories of said confrontations.

The Colombian authorities specify that residual groups of the former FARC are present in the department of Cauca, as well as dissident groups and the “José María Becerra” Front of the ELN.

Indepaz points out that during the three months of this year, 43 social leaders have been assassinated in Colombia and 23 massacres have been perpetrated, which increases the dramatic humanitarian crisis in the country.