Soccer team owners must act more responsibly, says AMLO


Mexico.- In his morning speech today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the owners of soccer teams should act more responsibly when responding to acts of violence, such as the one that occurred in Querétaro.

Likewise, he said that the sanctions should not be a top decision: “That it is not a top decision and the citizens and the commentators are consulted.”

He also reported that a mother of a family handed over one of her sons, who had participated in the fight at the Corregidora stadium: “I am sure that the owners of the teams will help, and everyone, too. Look, a mother, they laugh at me, when she accused them of bad behavior, with the mothers with the grandfathers and grandmothers (…). Well, a mother, didn’t she hand over her son, because she was at the Querétaro stadium? And I’m going to continue accusing them if they misbehave, and I’m going to continue turning to parents, grandparents, to help us prevent violence. So that’s what needs to be done.”

Regarding the sanctions applied by the decision of the Mexican Soccer Federation, AMLO said: “That is handled by the owners of the teams, I feel that everyone should act with more responsibility; there are team owners who, if they are worried about what happened in Querétaro, which has already happened in other places, but in Querétaro it was more publicized”.

And he concluded: “I hope that this is well attended to, the citizens, the fans, the commentators on sports, football, are consulted, and that after that consultation, the protagonists, those who have to do with football, of course to the stadiums, to the people, to their families, and from there they resolve.”


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