So far this year, Comar has received 99,881 requests for refuge in Mexico

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In the midst of the crisis, the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Eat), revealed that from January to August 2023 it received 99,881 migrant applications to obtain the visitor card for reasons humanitarianand so far it has positively resolved 12,468 cases, benefiting citizens of Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela, El Salvador and Cuba.

The Legal Deputy Coordinator of Comar, Álvaro Erick Martínez Mejía, highlighted that the rate of requests resolved affirmatively represents 69 percent of the cases.

During the III National Migration Conference, the executive director of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, Gloria Sandoval Salas, revealed that 40 thousand migrants from El Salvador and Honduras benefited from the Sowing Life and Youth Building the Future programs. .

When speaking, the president of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Graciela Márquez Colín, dimensioned the phenomenon of migration in Mexico.

He reported that of the 126 million inhabitants in Mexicobased on the 2020 Population Census, around 1.2 million were born in another country and of them 797 thousand are from the United States.

For its part, the Ministry of the Interior specified that of the universe of foreigners settled in Mexico (1.2 million), 590 thousand have Mexican ancestry and can access naturalization; 189 thousand have already been naturalized, and 390 thousand more are foreigners who could be added to the regularization or integration policies.

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