Snake found in Metro CDMX (PHOTOS)

Snake found in Metro CDMX (PHOTOS)
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A snake was found in the CDMX Metroafter reports of Bedbugs that there was last month and that the same Collective Transportation System (STC) reported that it carried out fumigation on trains, although it denied the existence of the insects.

Now it was the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) who reported the discovery of a snake in the Ciudad Azteca station on Line B, by a user.

The agency headed by Pablo Vázquez, indicated in a statement that police officers in charge of surveillance in the Guerrero station on Metro Line 3, They observed a young man who was trying to travel with a 30-centimeter-long snake inside a plastic jug.

When they approached the man, he explained to them that rescued the reptile at the Ciudad Azteca station of Metro Line B, after some people wanted to kill her, so she decided to take the snake to the Chapultepec station, to release it in a wooded area.

They protect a snake found in the Metro

The police followed the protocols and informed the Chief of Station, who indicated that they should move to the facilities of the Federal Attorney General's Office for Environmental Protection. (PROFEPA) located in the Tlacoquemécatl Del Valle neighborhood, in the Benito Juárez mayor's office.

At the scene, they were treated by employees from the liaison area of ​​the Deputy Attorney General's Office for Natural Resources, who took charge of the reptile for its medical evaluation and definitive protection," the SSC detailed.

Who to report an incident to?

If something happens inside the CDMX Metro, it can report to the police who are guarding the platforms and turnstiles, since they are trained to respond quickly to any emergency.

If there is no officer in sight, you can report with el Station Chief or through social networks, where the team is usually on the lookout for incidents.

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