Smoke from the fires in Canada reaches Norway | News

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Scientists from the Norwegian Institute for Climate and Environmental Research (NILU) reported this Friday that the smoke from the forest fires that affects various areas of Canada also moves to Norway.


Smoke from Canadian wildfires affects air traffic in the US

NILU principal investigator Nikolaos Evangeliou specified that "during the next few days, the smoke cloud will probably reach European countries further south."

Evangeliou and scientist Sabine Eckhardt even created a simulation, as of June 13, showing how smoke and soot particles from Canada would be transported through the atmosphere.

“When the smoke reaches Europe, the number of particles is much lower, which means that we can possibly see the smoke as a fine mist and perhaps smell smoke. But the amount of particles is so low that it should not cause any health hazard," the experts asserted.

Simulations created by NILU scientists are obtained by downloading data sets created with the help of satellite observations. They then model the dispersion of these emissions in the atmosphere with meteorological data from the Global Forecast System (GFS) of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) of the United States (USA).

The models also include data about expected precipitation; since rain, hail and snow can remove these particles from the atmosphere and discharge them to the ground.

In some areas of the United States (USA), such as New York, which have been affected by smoke from forest fires in Canada, they woke up with moderate air quality, while the cloud from the outbreaks continues to disperse towards the South.

The US National Weather Service specified that, this Friday, the smoke will continue to affect regions ranging from the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic with reduced air quality.

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